I grew up with the most delicious homemade ramen, and I've longed to add my favorite childhood grub to my grown-up diet. But restaurant deliveries get expensive, and traditional instant ramen brands are full of artificial flavors, MSG, and who-knows-what. If I wanted the real deal, I would have to step into the kitchen myself.

One determined afternoon, I set off to the farmer’s market in search of fresh ingredients to do justice to my grandma’s recipe. Some 48 hours later, the broth tasted like I remembered. Delicious! But unable to finish all the raw ingredients, and with plenty remaining, I refrigerated the left-overs.

But like many of you, my busy schedule soon took over. And when I returned to the fridge a week later, many of the excess ingredients had withered and had to be tossed. There had to be a better way. A way that produced less waste and fewer headaches, but resulted in a bowl that was just as tasty.

Inspired by the latest culinary technology, I had one goal in mind - to create a new kind of instant ramen. One that was rich in flavor, but didn't fry its noodles in oil, use artificial ingredients or lack nutrition. To do this, my approach was simple. First, strip away the junk we usually associate with "instant" -  and leave the natural ingredients to do their thing. Then, gradually add seasoning to achieve that characteristic, rich umami taste. 

In the process, I discovered that healthy and delicious weren’t as diametrically opposed as I had imagined—they actually make excellent bedfellows. The result is a ramen full of delicious complexity, yet easy to prepare. A ramen inspired by heritage, but made for today. Tradition now turned into nutrition. A ramen created for those who crave the bare maximum. From my table to yours, I hope you enjoy!


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